Tal Farlow - dubbed "The Octopus" by friends and fans alike.

Tal Farlow Trio + Marian McPartland Trio – Live From The Composers On 58th Street In Manhattan – 1956. Past Daily Downbeat.

Tal Farlow – dubbed “The Octopus” by friends and fans alike.

Tal Farlow – Marian McPartland – Live At The Composers Club – July 23,1956

Live Jazz of the 50’s this week, via the All-Star Parade of Bands series from NBC Radio, broadcast on April 23, 1956. Featuring legendary Guitarist Tal Farlow and his Trio and Marian McPartland and her Trio, live at the Composers on 58th Street in New York.

Live Jazz was very alive and extremely well in the 1950’s.

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