No time for ringing in the New Year when there were prisoners to take.

New Years In Wartime – January 1, 1945

Happy New Year somewhere.

Happy New Year somewhere.

Click on the link here for Audio Player: News for January 1, 1945

New Years Day in 1945 was pretty much “business as usual” during World War 2. Although the Allies were making substantial gains in their drive into Germany. The infamous Battle Of The Bulge that went on just before Christmas was now in the mopping up stages, with any gains the German Army made during that period of time now lost and regained by the Allies. And the war was continuing without let-up on all fronts.

But it was a general feeling that the war would be over sometime in 1945. At least it was hoped.

Here is the news for January 1, 1945 as reported on News Of The World over NBC.

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