A normally calm river, turned into a sea of turmoil this day.

With Bated Breath; Crossing The Rhine – March 25, 1945

A normally calm river, turned into a sea of turmoil this day.

A normally calm river, turned into a sea of turmoil this day.

Click on the link here for Audio Player: News for March 25, 1945

News for this day in 1945 was given over entirely to the events taking place in Europe. The Allied armies had successfully crossed the Rhine, beginning early in the morning of March 25th. Most Radio outlets in the U.S. were carrying these shortwave relayed reports from the BBC and it was cause for much anticipation and anxiety. The Allied Armies were now on German soil. How long it would be before they reached Berlin was only a guess. Resistance was surprisingly light at the crossing, but it was wondered if this was only a lull and some major counterattack was looming.

Still, there was no time to think what may or may not lay ahead. The War in Europe had taken a dramatic turn and it was only a matter of time before Germany suffered complete defeat.

Here is one of two BBC Newsreel special broadcasts, beamed to the U.S. for March 25, 1945.

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2 Responses

  1. JWL says:

    If memory serves, the Rhine bridge at Remagen was taken (and held) two weeks prior to the 25th of March. Not having time to listen to the broadcast, I assume it reports Montgomery’s crossing. Even then, Patton’s 3rd got across a full 24 hours earlier than that- near Oppenheim, again if memory serves.

  2. Howard Comen says:

    My Uncle, Howard Comen, with Patton’s Third Army was killed crossing the Rhine River on March 25th near Oppenheim. I have the Presidential Unit Citation. Howard gradauted High School at 16, accepted to Yale but my grandparents thought he was to young for Yale. They enrolled him at Choate Academy in 1934 with John F Kennedy and Joeph P. Kennedy Jr. Howard went on to graduate Yale in 1938. All three were killed serving their country.