JFK Announces He Will Run – January 2, 1960

And so it began - 55 years ago today.

And so it began – 55 years ago today.

. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – Sen. John F. Kennedy Announces run for Presidency – January 2, 1960 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

This day, 55 years ago, a Senator from Massachusetts announced his candidacy for the President in 1960. The field was open, there was no sure-thing candidate. It was assumed Adlai Stevenson would run again; his third try. And Senator John F. Kennedy, who grabbed attention during the 1956 Democratic Convention, settled months of speculation and declared he was in. Not to be considered vice-Presidential material, but to go for all the marbles, or go home.

And so this January 2nd in 1960, it all got started. And the historic 1960 election season began.

As with all political races, it was a long way to November, and anything could happen between January and then. One thing was certain – it would be historic.

And it was.

Here is that complete announcement and Press Conference from January 2, 1960.

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