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Congressman JFK Peers Into The Future -1951 – Past Daily Reference Room

Congressman John F. Kennedy – Meet The Press – December 2, 1951 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Before he became Senator Kennedy and before he became President Kennedy, John F. Kennedy was Congressman Kennedy from Massachusetts. Elected in 1948 Kennedy, like many of his wartime contemporaries (i.e. Congressman Richard...

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Roger Delmotte With Manuel Rosenthal And The ORTF Chamber Orchestra Play Music Of Husquenoph – 1963 – Past Daily Weekend Gramophone

Pierre Husquenoph – Concertino for Trumpet – Roger Delmotte, Trumpet – ORTF Chamber Orch. Manuel Rosenthal, Cond. – ORTF-Paris 1964 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – The music of 20th Century composer Pierre Husquenoph this weekend. Not a name many people are familiar with, but a name that was active...