Pale Saints - Often referred to as "The Ultimate 4AD Band".

Nights At The Roundtable – Pale Saints – 1991

Pale Saints – Often referred to as “The Ultimate 4AD Band”.

Taking a detour through Madchester tonight with an appearance by Pale Saints and a track off their 1991 ep Flesh Balloon. Kinky Love (tonight’s track) may sound slightly familiar because it began life as a Nancy Sinatra song many years earlier.

But in the eminently capable Shoegaze hands of Pale Saints, it has gained a whole new life, and their version of Kinky Love proved to be a minor hit for the band.

Aside from their auspicious entry into the chart world with Kinky Love, they did achieve some success. However, it wasn’t enough to keep lead singer Meriel Barham in the band, who left in September 1995. The band continued on for a bit before giving up the ghost in 1996 to scatter over several continents.

But in case you forgot what Pale Saints sounded like, here’s your chance to get re-acquainted.

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