Even then it was broken.

Since the subject of Healthcare has been front-and-center in the media and most conversation the past few days, it’s sobering to know it’s not a new argument. In fact, the subject of affordable healthcare has been argued since as far back as 1909.

So in the 1960’s, even with Medicare, which was signed into law in 1965, there was still a broken system and a system desperately in need of repair. You’d think after almost fifty years something would have happened to fix it. Americans priding themselves on the notion that, when things are broken, we are resourceful enough to get them fixed – but this is a deal breaker, it seems.

In 1968, as part of its Monthly radio documentary series Second Sunday, NBC Radio explored the subject of Medical Care in America and came up with a lot of very familiar situations. Further evidence some things don’t change, or refuse to.

Here is that Second Sunday episode, first broadcast on August 11, 1968.

Listen to it and feel eerie. They don’t call it Deja-vu for nothin’.

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  1. wanted to watch this but gave up after the over 2 minute advertisement….

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