Americana - an endless resource for 20th Century composers.

Pastdaily Weekend Gramophone – Douglas Moore: Farm Journal – 1945.

Americana – an endless resource for 20th Century composers.

Since we’re rolling into the Fourth of July shortly, I thought I’d toss on some mid-century Americana tonight, by way of the State Department Transcription Service.

Douglas Moore, who is probably best known for “The Devil and Daniel Webster” is one of those quintessentially American composers whose subject matter and inspiration came largely from American mythology and iconic American imagery.

This weekend it’s a performance (possibly a first performance) of his Farm Journal, as performed on this broadcast recording by the CBS Symphony conducted by Alredo Antonini. Since there is no actual date of performance on the discs, I am venturing to guess it’s 1945 and the recording may have come from the Invitation To Music series on CBS Radio.

In any event, it’s a rare recording of an equally rare performance and work.

Enjoy the coming holiday.

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5 thoughts on “Pastdaily Weekend Gramophone – Douglas Moore: Farm Journal – 1945.

  1. how to download that fantastic post? I acn’t find the link to click on….THX……

    1. I went in and fixed it, so all you need to do is click on the link and it will open to a new page and you can do “save as . . ” and it will download the mp3. I’m still getting used to the new procedures. Thanks again!


    1. Wonderful! I’m sorry the recording sounds so bad. First, it wasn’t a good recording to begin with, but it was also not kept in the best condition before I got it. Sometimes history is not well served. But it’s better than not having it at all. Many thanks for your support and your kind words on Cluytens. There will be more every Sunday!

  2. yes, I do agree with you. This repertoire is very seldom performed not to say almost forgotten nowadays.It makes me think of the activities of Hanson in Rochester or Whitney in Louisville.A real pleasure indeed.

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