Slim Gaillard - The man who introduced the world to the word Wowtee.

Slim Gaillard And Arthur Prysock – Live At Birdland – 1952 – Past Daily Downbeat

Slim Gaillard – The man who introduced the world to the word Wowtee.

Live Jazz from the 1950’s this weekend with a double bill, live from Birdland in New York City on September 9,1952. Starting off the set is the ultra-smoothe and mellow Arthur Prysock, who does several tasteful turns with some standards. Next up is the inimitable, incomparable (their words, but mine too) Slim Gaillard and his trio who rip things up nicely for this NBC radio program Stars In Jazz.

And if you ever wondered how the word Wowtee got its start, here’s the man responsible.

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5 thoughts on “Slim Gaillard And Arthur Prysock – Live At Birdland – 1952 – Past Daily Downbeat

  1. Hey, Gordon – what happened with C&L/ Newstalgia? I’d been waiting over there for your next post, thinking maybe something bad happened to you. I even went so far as to inquire about your welfare with John. (He just said you were fine.) Just today got a third-party post directing me to this site – a good week after I’d posted the initial inquiry.

    I’d like to know what happened and if this has anything to do with the fundraiser. I felt like I worked pretty hard to help save your site, both in terms of giving and in terms of campaigning, so I was shocked when you suddenly disappeared.

    FWIW, I have no problem checking in here, instead, but I do wish you would change to a light background and dark lettering, with a larger font. It is difficult to the point of distraction to try to read what is here. Thanks in advance for responding. DHSmd

    1. Thanks for your note. I will be closing that site soon. The Fundraiser was successful, but there was no support from C&L and I was asked to leave. So I set up shop here. Eventually, all the posts that were over there will be put up here because everything will be wiped from that site. The fit is better over here anyway and the support has been huge since I got here. So bookmark this page and come back as you used to with C&L. Thanks again!

  2. Thanks for the update, Gordon. I figured it was something like that. First and foremost, I’m glad that’s ALL it was. While I feel a little bit of regret that the C&L connection is lost, it sounds like it may be better for you.

    I’ll be back – in the mean time, PLEASE consider that font and color request. I really like reading the background information you put up.


  3. So glad to have found this site PastDaly. I’ve had my problems with C&L as their audio player is defective and starts and stops and then crashes. Will those Nostalgia posts I’ve only found linked from here to there be available on PastDaly in the future? Keep up the good work and keep the jazz coming. Best Dean

    1. Glad you found us! Yes, I’ve been re-posting and upgrading the old Newstalgia posts, while putting up new ones, and even revising the posts from two years ago by adding an additional player. But we’re slowly making progress. I have been going through the old posts, revising them and dumping the old ones. It’ll take a little time, and we’ve also got a whole revamp of the site planned, to give readers a better access to older stories. So, fingers crossed, 2016 will be a busy year. And hopefully a profitable one. Stay tuned! – Gordon.

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