Bob Babbitt Funk Brother extraordinaire.

Funk Brother Bob Babbitt (RIP) – Deon Jackson – 1966 – Nights At The Roundtable

Bob Babbitt Funk Brother extraordinaire.

Click on the Link: Deon Jackson-Love Makes the World Go Round Feat: Bob Babbitt, Bass – 1966

Not a good week for Music. Yesterday brought the sad news about Jon Lord. But also yesterday morning brought the sad news about Bob Babbitt, one of the original Funk Brothers, who provided some of the most memorable instrumental accompaniment for the Classic Motown Sound and the great Soul tracks of the 60’s, passed away at the age of 74 after a long bout with brain Cancer.

Tonight, by way of tribute, is the 1966 mega-hit Love Makes The World Go Round, by Deon Jackson. Just listening to the intro and the bass line, it’s immediately recognizable. That’s the inimitable Bob Babbitt laying down the magic.

Like the legendary Wrecking Crew on the West Coast, The Funk Brothers were synonymous with some of the greatest Soul and R&B classics of the 60’s and 70’s, coming out of Detroit. That there is one less luminary from that Golden Age of indelible hits makes it pretty sad. But life is just like that.

Here’s a reminder if you’re familiar, and an introduction if you aren’t. Gorgeous, elegant Music making. Timeless.

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4 thoughts on “Funk Brother Bob Babbitt (RIP) – Deon Jackson – 1966 – Nights At The Roundtable

  1. I was an Ann Arbor girl back in the 70s, living with my family in an apartment complex, and the guy across the way was Deon’s brother George Jackson (not too long after Dylan wrote a song about the recently-deceased Black Panther of the same name). Lovely man who played me lots of his brother’s stuff (I knew and loved “Love Makes The World Go Round” from CKLW)…his only drawback was his pet monkey who used to mess up my hair and peed on me once. George thought that was hilarious, and though we remained cordial, that was my last visit. Monkey pee STANKS!

    1. That’s funny! I mean, not funny at the time but . . . .the concept of an overzealous monkey. CKLW brings back a few memories. I think the last time I was in Detroit for any length of time was in 1965.

    1. I am so sorry to hear that news. A wonderful talent and beautiful voice that will forever be with us in song.

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