KHJ Appreciation Night 1967

A flyer for the concert - Further evidence the 60's meant broad taste in music.

Buffalo Springfield, The Seeds, Johnny Rivers, The Supremes – KHJ Appreciation Day At The Bowl – 1967 – Backstage Weekend/Past Daily Pop Chronicles

KHJ Appreciation Night 1967
A flyer for the concert – Further evidence the 60’s meant broad taste in music.

Part 1

Part 2

Sometimes you wish today’s technology was around in the 60’s. If that were so, you would probably have already heard this concert, had it on record, reissued on CD, committed it to memory and you’d think nothing of it. But because the technology at the time was in its formative stages, a lot of caveats have to go in before hitting the above “play” buttons.

First off, this a rare and never heard-in-its-entirety concert. It features probably one of the broadest popular music representations you’re likely to hear in a live setting. This concert, in one night, and in one sitting featured The Buffalo Springfield, quickly followed by The Fifth Dimension, followed by Brenda Holloway, followed by The Seeds. After The Seeds (and on the second player) comes Johnny Rivers and ending the concert were headliners, The Supremes.

Almost 3 hours of non-stop music, all put together at a break-neck pace on April 29, 1967 as part of Rock Radio Powerhouse KHJ, who were celebrating their second year as a Top-40 station. As you can see by the flyer, tickets were sold for $.93 each. It is a historic concert and significant as it’s the first public hearing of what would become the next single by The Buffalo Springfield, the iconic Mr Soul. Along with the music comes guest appearances by all the KHJ Boss-Jocks, for those of you digging early L.A. Radio.

Now for the bad news. In early 1967, The Hollywood Bowl was going through some changes in their sound system, and a new piece of equipment was introduced, the Radio Mic. We don’t think anything about it today as its so commonly used, but in early 1967 it was still pretty bug-filled and you will hear a high pitched squeal that runs through the entire tape. I have tried to equalize as much of it out as possible, without sacrificing the sound. But the squeal runs through the full spectrum, and it can by annoying.

So I was faced with the question of whether to post this concert, because of its huge historic significance, or keep it nicely secured in its tape box, where it has sat since 1967, never to be heard during this or any other lifetime.

I opted for the sake of history, since too many important documents are hidden away, lost, destroyed and otherwise ignored until it’s too late. Once the music gets going (and that’s another point of caution – they still hadn’t gotten around to mixing very much so the instruments are in the back and the vocals are way too much in the front), you don’t really notice all the ugly bits. So with the caveats come apologies that the sound just couldn’t be better. I tried – but it is what it is.

Here’s who you’ll be hearing:

Part 1 – Buffalo Springfield
The Fifth Dimension
Brenda Holloway
The Seeds

Part 2 – Johnny Rivers
The Supremes

A memorable night and a historic night in music. Buckle up.

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16 thoughts on “Buffalo Springfield, The Seeds, Johnny Rivers, The Supremes – KHJ Appreciation Day At The Bowl – 1967 – Backstage Weekend/Past Daily Pop Chronicles

  1. Really appreciate you sharing this! Just today I was reading about how much better Buffalo Springfield sounded live than on record, and here’s a set to prove it.

      1. It’s tough making that decision, Gordon. I’m sure you’re more qualified than I am but I also get too subjective concerning recordings/tapes I have. The overall recording of this is just AMAZING! I’m glad I’m still around to be able to hear this and your other recordings!!! Thank you!

  2. thanks for posting. I was 13, and it was my first concert. It really brought back memories.

  3. Thank You for this Excellent Audio Post. I only had “Mr. Soul” from this concert. Thanx to you, i got the whole thing and the other artists.

  4. Gordon, Nice job. I was actually at this show and was only 14 at the time. We were in line going in when the Springfield arrived in their limo, about 10′ from us but on the other side of a chain link fence. Funny but the thing I remembered the most was how skinny they were. For some reason I had not remembered all the acts but it’s coming back as I’m listening. Btw, I ended up doing sound in the 70s and we have lots of tapes somewhat like this, but luckily we never had the whine, though they all have issues. It’s not so bad, and I’m glad you kept some of the highs intact. It’s the way it was.

    1. Glad you recorded them and glad you like this one! Yes, the limitations at the time of just having vocal mikes and no limiting . . .oh well, at least it was recorded and preserved as so much hasn’t.
      Thanks for the kind words Doug. I do the best I can. We’ve got more lined up for the future so stay tuned!


  5. Outstanding! I was at the 1966 KHJ Appreciation Concert. You wouldn’t happen to have that one as well?

    1. Thanks. I think, but I may be mistaken, that I have the 1966 KHJ Appreciation Day show. If that was the one featuring The Animals and/or The Rascals. I ran The Animals portion a few years ago, via my previous website, but the sound was pretty bad (the original boardtapes left a lot to be desired). I keep meaning to go in and do another “cleanup” of the sound, and when I do, I will run it again.

      1. The 66 show featured Sonny & Cher as the headliners, plus, Donovan, Knickerbockers, Jan & Dean, Bob Lind, and some more artists. Don’t remember either way about the Animals or Rascals, but I think probably not. I was at that show, and in fact, it was my first “real” concert. Send me an email if you like. I live in Oceanside now. How about you?

  6. This is such GREAT stuff—I came for the Springfield, and stayed for the whole show! Yeah, the mic sound referred to is an annoyance but I’ll happily ignore it and enjoy this—I feel like I’m listening to an extra-cool episode of “Shindig!” Got any more?

    1. Glad you like it – sorry about the vocal mics – it was a casualty of the time. Yes, I have posted several other concerts from around this time, including Young Rascals, James Brown and several others. I’ve been posting them since 2013 – I may just re-post them over the next few weeks. Thanks again!

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