Sugarcubes In Session – 1987 – Nights At The Roundtable

. . .and the world met Bjork.

Click on the Link for audio here: Sugarcubes – BBC Session – Dec. 9, 1987

Together for a comparatively short period of time, The Sugarcubes managed to, not only put Iceland on the map as a potential hotbed of musical activity, but also turned everyone on to Bjork, the visually ethereal and sonically hypnotic lead singer who went on to greater heights as a solo artist.

So tonight it’s a session the band recorded for the BBC, just as they were getting international notice and a huge following in 1987.

Here’s what you’re in for:

Sugarcubes – BBC Session of December 9, 1987

1. Motorcrash
2. Cold Sweat
3. Delicious Demon
4. Deus
5. Mama

Further evidence the 80’s were all over the map, musically. And The Sugarcubes fit in quite nicely.

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