AC/DC in 1976 - the epitome of loud n' snotty. Still rolling.

AC/DC – Live In London – 1976 – Past Daily Backstage Weekend

AC/DC in 1976 – the epitome of loud n’ snotty. Still loud. Not so snotty.

Click on the audio player here and play loud: 1976-08-07 BBC In Concert (AC-DC)

If you can wrap your head around the concept that AC/DC actually got started as a morphing from the demise of the 60’s band The Easybeats in 1973, then it will make perfect sense that AC/DC would become the howling success they were. Largely benefiting from all the mistakes the earlier band made, and the brainchild of the team of Vanda and Young (Young being Angus and his younger brothers – Vanda taking a background role) they blazed a trail that once again put Australia on the map as a country whose musical contribution to the world was substantial.

This concert, from the BBC In Concert series issued worldwide via the ever-popular BBC Transcription Service, was originally recorded on August 7, 1976 and features the band at three years old. From what I gather (and if I’m wrong, correct me), this was their second appearance in the UK – the first being 8 days earlier on July 31st.

Hitting their stride just around the time the Punk movement was getting off the ground, they managed to hold their own as one of the more popular Hard Rock bands of the 70’s and are still alive and kicking today (with a few personnel changes here and there; some owing to tragedy).

Needless to say, it would be crazy if you didn’t play this concert loud. Besides, it’s the weekend.

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