Megaafonia - Indie from Spain - with mellotrons, no less.

Megaafonia – 2010 – Nights At The Roundtable – Rock Without Borders Edition

Megaafonia – Indie from Spain – with mellotrons, no less.

Click on the link here for audio player: Megaafonia -Pere Pedregos

Further evidence that Rock Without Borders yields interesting results. Megaafonia is a band from Spain I ran across on several sites the past few years. Around since 2005 – with two albums and an ep currently out, Megaafonia have been forging inroads and getting some good notoriety in the process around Spain and throughout Europe.

Tonight it’s a track off their 2010 album Tutto. Pere Pedrègos gives a good idea of where this band is coming from musically. Indie/Alternative with some blasts of Mellotron towards the end of the track. You can’t possibly go wrong with that!

And since it’s in Spanish there’s that language barrier – which by now should be no barrier, right?

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