Supertramp In Concert – 1977 – Past Daily Backstage Weekend.

Supertramp – Huge in the 70’s.

Click on the link here for Audio player: 1977-11-19 BBC In Concert – Supertramp

Over to London this weekend for a concert by 70’s legends Supertramp, recorded by the BBC as part of their Sight and Sound series on November 17, 1977.

Forming in 1969, Supertramp quickly rose in popularity and established themselves as one of the most popular of the crossover Art-Rock/mainstream bands. They became a staple on FM and had a string of huge selling singles and albums.

Their popularity began to fade in the 1980’s as musical tastes changed with Art-Rock falling out of favor with New Wave. The band eventually went on extended hiatus and reformed later with personnel changes.

But there was a time in the mid-seventies where you couldn’t turn on a radio without hearing at least one, if not several Supertramp songs in one sitting; all of which you knew by heart.

And judging by the sound of the audience in this concert, it was universal.

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  1. Thanks for the ’77 live recording! I’ve always loved Supertramp and actually saw a couple shows back in their heyday. The co-founder and songwriter of the band, Roger Hodgson is still out there touring the world, I’ve been to a few of his shows too and his voice sounds fresher and more vivacious today than his days with the band. Roger and his current lineup really put on a rocking show and when you close your eyes you feel like you’re back in 1979 again…He’s one of the best shows of the whole concert season, with dates still remaining for this tour while he’s announcing more for 2013 on his official facebook page (
    Take my word, you’ll understand why later :)))

    • Thanks for the note and the update. I wasn’t sure if Supertramp was back with Roger or not, or if there are two “versions” currently out there. Roger was the backbone of the band and his voice was what made Supertramp (IMHO). Hopefully, there are some live current tour recordings around that I can include in a future post. Thanks again for your support and keep coming back!


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