Campaign '80 - the general consensus was a coin-toss.

Campaign ’80 – the general consensus was a coin-toss.

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News for this week, ending on September 21, 1980 was primarily consumed with the Presidential Campaign for 1980, culminating in the first debate. With one notable exception; the debate went on without Jimmy Carter. Slated to trade barbs and accusations were Republican Candidate Governor Ronald Reagan and third-party Candidate John Anderson.

Since Anderson was, for all intents and purposes, a Republican, it was felt that Jimmy Carter would be going two-against-one, and Carter declined to go with those odds. So there was an empty chair.

But the campaign lumbered along, with most voters feeling a sense of malaise over the prospects and many feeling it would be a coin-toss when the time came in the voting booth. Still, there was plenty of fur left to fly and the latest blast from the Carter camp that the Reagan forces were waging a dirty campaign, laced with hidden messages and race-baiting brought a counter blast from the Reagan camp.

All in all, politics as usual.

Other news had to do with the Iranian situation and the American hostages with on-going negotiations. A hi-jacking of a plane to Cuba, amidst Cuban assurances that it wasn’t going to harbor hi-jackers. A meeting of long-lost twins, being separated by adoption and a talking seal.

Some week.

That, and a lot more via ABC Radio’s World News This Week for the week ending September 21, 1980.

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