The Second Debate - October 15, 1992 - Fairly ached with civility.

The Second Debate – October 15, 1992 – Fairly ached with civility.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – Part 1: NPR – Presidential Debate 1992 Part 1 -revised
Click on the link here for Audio Player – Part 2: 1992 Presidential Debates – Oct. 15, 1992 – Part 2

I never thought I would find myself going all dewy-eyed at the thought of the 1992 Presidential election. But listening to this debate, the second of three, had me absolutely nostalgic for the days when civility was still a virtue, even in debates.

Ross Perot with his famous “Sucking Sound” analogies regarding the economy – all three of them (President Bush Sr., Ross Perot and Gov. Bill Clinton) discussing Healthcare, Social Security, Poverty, jobs; all of them with a clearly defined take on what they thought the solution to the problem was.

Clearly, things have slid off the rails these past 20 years.

So as a reminder – and there will be several more in the days ahead, here is the second Presidential Debate, as it aired over NPR on October 15, 1992. The 90 minute debate has been broken up into two players with the first sixty minutes on the top player and the last 30 minutes on the bottom player.

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3 thoughts on “1992 Presidential Debate – Ode To The Great Sucking Sound. Past Daily Reference Room.

  1. Hi Gordon, this is one of my favorite websites. The capsule descriptions that you give to these vintage newscasts is always illuminating.

    The 1992 U.S. Presidential election was historic in that Ross Perot was able to take enough of the popular votes away from George H. Bush to hand the victory to Bill Clinton. Who knew what the next 8 yrs would bring?
    WTC bombing, war in Bosnia, and of course Paula, Kathleen and Monica.

    On a technical note: Part one of the player is only loading about 17 min,,,,

    1. Hi: Thanks for your note and thanks for the heads up on the technical issue. I will check that out. I haven’t had the problem before – but there’s always a first time. Thanks again and glad you like the site. I do my best and I do what I can.


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