Whiteout - continuing the saga of what "might've been".

Whiteout – continuing the saga of what “might’ve been”.

Click on the link here for Audio Player: Whiteout-Time And Again (Peel session)

Earlier this year I ran a track by the 90’s Brit-Pop band Whiteout with promises to run some of their session recordings at another time. Well, I didn’t forget and tonight it’s a track from a session they did for John Peel on October 11, 1994. Time and Again, from what I understand, only exists in this session. It was never released on any album or single and the band seldom performed it live. Which is really a shame because it’s a great track and it gives some clue as to what Whiteout were capable of during their comparatively short lifespan.

A reminder of just how tenuous rock n’ roll really is.

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