October 9, 1941 – The Eastern Front, The Trouble With Turkey And No Exemptions For The Oxford Group.

Fighting along the Eastern Front – And reports of the first snow.

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News for this October 9th in 1941 was centered mostly around the Eastern front with fierce fighting between Russian armies and the Germans. Both sides were claiming advances with the German army aiming its sights on Moscow. It was also reported the first snows were falling, which meant the dreaded Russian Winter was just around the corner.

In other news – it was reported that Turkey was in violation of a British trade agreement and were rumored to be selling massive quantities of Chrome to Germany. Official complaints were lodged and denied in Ankara.

From London it was reported overnight German raids were light and sparse, with bombings concentrated primarily on the Southeast of England. It was also reported a storm of criticism was brewing over Parliamentary debate on whether or not members of The Oxford Group could claim exemption from Military service. The group sought the exemptions based on religious grounds, but many in Parliament argued the group was more along the lines of the YMCA and not a church. It seemed many felt the time spent on debating the issue could have been better spent on dealing with the more pressing issues of the War.

In Washington, results of the Oxford Group debate were being carefully monitored as the same claims for exemption were being sought by members in the U.S., and what London decided on would probably be the same for Capitol Hill. On the War Production front, it was learned companies engaged in manufacturing military equipment were deriving huge profits as the result. Further evidence War was good for business.

All that, and much more from NBC’s News Of The World for October 9, 1941.

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