Pete Townshend - without him, one just wonders.

Pete Townshend – without him, one just wonders.

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In light of the media blitz currently going on over the release of Who founder Pete Townshend’s autobiography Who I Am, the airwaves have been awash with interviews and reviews of the book.

In case you may have missed this one, and certainly you would if you lived in the U.S., here is an interview done earlier this past week on the BBC Radio 4 program Front Row where Townshend discusses a number of subjects, current as well as past.

It’s a half-hour full of insights along with some contention (the British Press are just good at doing that), and if you haven’t heard it yet, it’s another element in the complex tapestry of one of Rock’s most legendary and enduring individuals.

The Sixties would have been strange without him.

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