FDR and an impromptu Press conference – October 1937

Click on the link here for Audio player: FDR – Fireside Chat – Oct. 12, 1937

On the occasion of his return from a cross-country tour, President Roosevelt gave one of his familiar Fireside Chat’s ahead of a special session of Congress on October 12, 1937.

He discusses the progress that had been made as the result of the Recovery steps the Administration had taken during the previous several months, but also what was still needed to happen for the recovery to continue.

He also had a word or two for the complainers in Washington who kept talking about “too much Government”.

FDR: “Sometimes I get bored, sitting in Washington, hearing certain people talk and talk about all that government ought not to do. People who got all they wanted from government, back in the days when the financial institutions and the railroads were being bailed out in 1933. Bailed out, by the government.”

75 years later . . .still complaining.

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