Even in 1956 it was confusing.

Picking A President – 1968 – Past Daily Reference Room

Even in 1956 it was confusing.

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Pres. Eisenhower: “The National Convention today is brought to every home in the United States by television, and now even more significant, by Early Bird and Telstar, those pictures are going to nations all over the civilized world.

Now, what do we see? We see a picture of confusion, of noise, of impossible deportment; of indifference toward the subjects that are being discussed from the platform, and in short, a thing that if it happened into a business trustee meeting, you’d be horrified.

Well I think that most of the United States is horrified by what it sees of these conventions.”

Interesting when you think former President Eisenhower was talking about the 1964 Presidential Conventions. By 1968 it was already out of control. The whole Election process seemed to be a runaway train.

From October 17, 1968 NBC Radio ran as part of it’s monthly documentary series Second Sunday, “Picking A President”.

I can’t imagine what they would have to say about our system now.

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