In retrospect, a High Priest of Cool.

Chet Baker – Rene` Thomas – Live In Italy – 1962 – Past Daily Downbeat.

In retrospect, a High Priest of Cool.

Click on the link here for Audio Player: Chet Baker – Live in Bologna – 1962

Some Chet Baker this weekend – actually, the attraction for me was Renè Thomas, who was an extraordinary guitarist. But we’ll go with Baker too.

This one was recorded by RAI on April 15, 1962 at a club in Bologna, Italy.

The original recording is a bit creeky in spots and needed some cleaning up – and it promptly fades out during the last song, Donna Lee, which I suspect was because it was station-break time. But in any event, it’s a good gig all around – and frankly Thomas shines on this one.

Here’s what’s on the player:

Chet Baker with Renè Thomas
Bologna (Italy), Cantina
April 15, 1962

Chet Baker – trumpet
Renè Thomas – guitar
George Gruntz – piano
K.T. Geier – bass
Eberhard Stengel – drums

1. Our Delight (Tadd Dameron) 14:52
2. Solar (Miles Davis) 22:07
3. Pennies from Heaven (Arthur Johnson-Johnny Burke) 10:55
4. Donna Lee (Miles Davis) 7:12 [inc]

Check it out and relax. It’s Sunday and you got an extra hour sleep this morning. I would say that’s something to celebrate over.

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