Jacques Ibert - A stature that's increased over the years.

The Paris Conservatory Orchestra Play Music Of Jacques Ibert – 1954 – Past Daily Weekend Gramophone

Jacques Ibert – A stature that’s increased over the years.

Click on the link for Audio Player: Jacques Ibert – Capriccio

Covering some familiar territory tonight. Familiar composer, but a less familiar work. Jacques Ibert has enjoyed a popularity undiminished with time. Versatile and well regarded during his lifetime, his popularity has only increased since his death 50 years ago.

A prolific composer, not all his works have been presented either on a regular or sporadic basis. This weekend it’s one of those lesser performed works. His Capriccio for Chamber Ensemble features the Ensemble of The Paris Conservatory conducted by Louis Martin in this broadcast concert from French Radio circa 1954.


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