Relentless conflict in the region, even in 1948.

Relentless conflict in the region, even in 1948.

Click on the link here for Audio Player: Story Behind The Headlines – Palestine – 1948

With the current escalation of violence over Gaza, casualties rising by the minute and the threat of a ground war growing hourly, here’s a reminder that the entire region has been in turmoil for decades. This broadcast, part of the Story Behind The Headlines series for NBC Radio, originally aired on December 7, 1948 talked about the on-going violence and opposition to the British Partition plan for Palestine and the establishment of Israel as an independent state.

Commentator and Historian Cesar Saerchinger tries to put some perspective on the region and some history as to why the Middle-East has been so unstable for so long.

Yes, oil does have something to do with it. But then, so does World War 1.

Further evidence that, if there was no solution to be had in 1948, the notion a solution would be easily found in 2012 seems a bit remote.

I don’t think anyone would have anticipated such a protracted air of hostility and violence to be going on for over 65 years when agreements were being mulled over in 1948.

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