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Sonny Rollins Trio – Live In Munich – 1965 – Past Daily Downbeat.

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The legendary Sonny Rollins this weekend, with a concert recorded in Munich by German Radio in October of 1965. From what I gather, this concert has been recently issued commercially, so it may be nothing particularly new to Sonny Rollins fans and collectors. But if you’re just getting into Jazz, and have only heard about Sonny Rollins, this is a great concert from his experimental 1960’s period. He’s joined by bassist Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen and drummer Alan Dawson.

Here’s what’s on the player:

Sonny Rollins Trio
Munich – October 1965

1. Darn That Dream
2. Standards Medley/There Will Never Be Another You
3. The Song Is You
4. On Green Dolphin Street/Night and Day

Memorable concert and vintage Sonny Rollins.

Can’t ask for better on a Sunday afternoon.

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2 thoughts on “Sonny Rollins Trio – Live In Munich – 1965 – Past Daily Downbeat.

  1. Gordon, I saw Sonny at an outdoor festival in Toledo, Ohio, in the ’90s sometime, in company with my then-wife and another married couple who had been my friends for ages. My buddy Rick had been a mentor to me about jazz because he was five years older, and, to boot, my old college acquaintance, Jerry (now Jerome) Harris, who I believe, is related to Sonny somehow, was the guitarist in the ensemble. It was a great set, and Ricky and I enthused throughout the evening. Near the end, Sonny launched into one of his trademark, nine-minute cadenzas that went higher and higher. I seized my wife and kissed her and, in a fit of musical transport, asked, “Isn’t he great?” “Yes,” she said, “but he doesn’t seem to know when to stop.” We are no longer married.

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