Ed Cassidy - driving force behind Spirit.

Ed Cassidy - driving force behind Spirit.
Ed Cassidy – driving force behind Spirit.

Click on the link here for Audio Player: Spirit – All The Same – 1968

It hasn’t been a very good week for music. First losing Dave Brubeck and now losing Ed Cassidy, who passed early Thursday morning. Dave Brubeck, everybody knew about and he was a household name since the 1950’s. Ed Cassidy, not so much. As drummer and founding member of the 60’s band Spirit, he may not ring that many bells, unless you are either of a certain age or have been a fan of Spirit by way of discovery.

They were a unique outfit, and Ed’s shining dome was something of an anomaly during the admittedly shaggy 60’s. And the fact that he was almost a good twenty years older than the other members of the band was also a factor in its uniqueness (aside from being Guitarist Randy California‘s Step-father). That Ed was also an accomplished Jazz drummer lent an air of experiment to the group, and in fact added to the overall adventuresome sound of the band which put them a few cuts above other groups at the time.

Here is a track from their second album, The Family That Plays Together, released in 1968. All The Same started off side 2 of the album and Ed gets a chance to pull off a solo.

A wonderful talent who shared his gift with a whole generation of music lovers.

Another one who will be missed.

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