And it hasn't stopped yet.

The Endless Excuses, The Endless Waiting, The Endless Grief – Mass Killings

And it hasn't stopped yet.
And it hasn’t stopped yet.

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As the shock and horror keep updating, and as the call for a discussion on our state of arms and unhinged behavior continues, I’m reminded that, every time one of these tragedies occurs, there is a goodly amount of hand-wringing and ┬ápromises. Promises to introduce some legislation that will curb the sale of guns and assault weapons to the less stable members of our society.

And every time the promises are made, the promises are quickly forgotten about until the next horrifying episode occurs and the next episode of hand-wringing and promises come full circle.

And as a reminder of just how sickeningly familiar ┬áthis all seems, here is an excerpt from the ABC News program This Week With George Stephanopoulos. Newt Gingrich advocates more weapons, not less. The chatter among the pundits is, “well, we need to do something”, and by the beginning of the new week, it’s on to something else.

Until the next time.

To those who say this isn’t the time to start the dialogue on the state of our mental condition and our easy access to weaponry, I would say this is the perfect time – the exactly right time, to begin the discussion.

And not one second later.

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