MJQ With Paul Desmond – Christmas 1971 Concert – Past Daily Downbeat.

MJQ - Eloquence personified.
MJQ – Eloquence personified.

Click on the link here for Audio Player: MJQ w-PaulDesmond Xmas Concert 1971

Our annual nod to the Christmas season with one of the great, and strangely only, recorded concerts featuring the collaboration between Saxophonist Paul Desmond and The Modern Jazz Quartet. Performed live at Town Hall in New York City on Christmas Day in 1971, it went largely undiscovered until 1981 when it was unearthed by the MJQ’s John Lewis and released in Japan. It’s since been reissued here and has become a staple in holiday festivities ever since. And for good reason – It was the perfect collaboration of musicians on stage, and the perfect Holiday celebration in music.

And it just doesn’t get better than that.

Enjoy – and enjoy the holidays. So far – so good.

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