Adrian Crowley - summoning up imagery that fairly aches.

Adrian Crowley - summoning up imagery that fairly aches.
Adrian Crowley – summoning up musical imagery that fairly aches.

Click on the link here for Audio Player: Adrian Crowley – Live at Eurosonic 2013

I keep promising myself to go back to playing records on the Rountable feature,  but this has been such a busy year so far (less than 3 weeks into it), with concerts and live in-studio Radio gigs and new talent springing up seemingly everywhere that it’s hard to keep it simple and play oldies. There’s just too much going on.

With Winter Festivals and Music Conferences currently happening in Berlin, throughout France and tonight from Holland, you would imagine this is activity strictly limited to the Summer months. But I guess not – not anymore, anyway.

And that’s great because there is a massive amount of talent begging to be heard and turning in some wonderful performances not a lot of people are getting a chance to hear.

So for the time, at least for the rest of the week, I’m going to keep digging around the hinterlands in search of amazing live Music.

Tonight it’s a set from Eurosonic 2013 in Holland, recorded just a few days ago by the venerable Dutch radio network VPRO, with Irish singer-songwriter Adrian Crowley delivering a beautiful and haunting group of songs during this 37 minute mini-concert.

Crowley has 6 albums to his credit and a good following in Europe. Not sure what his word-of-mouth is like here in the States, but if this set is any indication, Adrian Crowley is a major talent with a gift of word imagery that takes him way beyond the norm. I played this set three times tonight and each time was as mesmerizing as the last.

That accounts for a lot.

Enjoy and get tickets to a concert this weekend. If not Adrian Crowley, at least somebody. Go see some live music. Life is short and we can all use a little amazement now and then.

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