The Inimitable Bryan Ferry.

The Inimitable Bryan Ferry.
The Inimitable Bryan Ferry.

Click on the link here for Audio Player: 1979-06-02 BBC In Concert (Roxy Music) R+

One of the classic bands this weekend. Roxy Music, recorded live in concert on February 6, 1979 by the venerable BBC as part of their In Concert series.

A  consistently good and inventive band, Roxy Music have weathered a lot of musical changes since they got started. Throughout all this time they’ve maintained a strong and individual style. Certainly a springboard for a lot of musical talent, who have gone off to enjoy successful solo careers (Brian Eno being the most notable), Roxy Music have always been highly regarded by the Press and audiences alike. And because of that, they have retained a freshness that makes this concert, recorded in 1979 as relevant as if it were recorded last week.

I seriously doubt there is anyone who doesn’t know who they are. But in the odd event there are a few of you who are scratching your heads – give this one a listen.

As for the rest of you – enjoy.

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