Livia Rèv - a poetic eloquence and ethereal charm.

Livia Rèv - a poetic eloquence and ethereal charm.
Livia Rèv – a poetic eloquence and ethereal charm.

Click on the link here for Audio Player: Faurè: Impromptu No. 3 : Faure – Impromptu #3 – Livia Rev

Click on the link here for Audio Player: Debussy: 3 pieces: Debussy – Piano works – Livia Rev

Excerpts from a broadcast recital tonight by renowned Hungarian/French Pianist Livia Rèv, recorded around 1951 by ORTF (Radio France), circa 1951.

Livia Rèv is regarded as something of an institution. In her 90s, she is still playing and recording, but her earlier recordings are not all that many and fewer are still available.

This recital, which I suspect is from a longer concert and may show up on other transcription discs, hasn’t been issued commercially and I am not sure it has been heard since it was first broadcast some 60 years ago.

Here is what’s on the players:

Top Player: Faurè: Impromptu #3

Bottom Player: Debussy: La Danse de Puck from Preludes: Book 1

Estampes: Le Soireè dams Grenade

Feux d’Artifice from Preludes: Book 2

It’s hard to tell with some of these performances. I have conflicting reports that much has survived and others that very little has survived. I would like to think there are more of Rèv’s earlier live performances preserved, or at least accessible to listeners. Hers is such an eloquent and poetic voice it would be a shame if much, or any, of this is lost.

Perhaps posting this broadcast performance might trigger a search for more in some of the archives around the world. Over the past several months  I have gotten so much positive feedback from these broadcasts from French Radio that I am hoping it proves to be a catalyst in digging through the archives and preserving these recordings.

Not because we are so terribly fond of antiquity, but that there were relevant voices saying and doing relevant things and they stand as touchstones in guiding us along this particular creative journey. As a musician, I love to hear all the points of view possible, because there is always something new and interesting to bring to the table.

Livia Rèv is one of those unique voices and we could all benefit from having more of her to learn from.

Despite all that – listen and enjoy and hopefully there will be more soon.

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