Jeff Beck - After The Yardbirds, new heights.

Jeff Beck Group In Session – 1967-1968 – Nights At The Roundtable

Jeff Beck - After The Yardbirds, new heights.

Jeff Beck – After The Yardbirds, new heights.

Click on the link here for Audio Player: Jeff Beck Group – BBC Sessions 1967-1968

Since I ran one of the last Yardbirds sessions for the BBC the other night, I thought I would toss in a Yardbirds alumnus, who was on the rise around the time of those last Yardbirds sessions. The Jeff Beck Group also wound up being a springboard of talent who would pass through the ranks.

In 1967 The Jeff Beck Group consisted of Beck, Rod Stewart, Ron Wood, Mickey Waller and Dave Ambrose.

On this post are excerpts from two sessions the group did for The BBC; three tracks from 1967 and one track from 1968.

Here’s what’s on the player:

Jeff Beck Group


(Jeff Beck – Rod Stewart – Ron Wood – Mickey Waller – Dave Ambrose)



  1. Hi Ho Silver Lining – March 7, 1967 (Saturday Club)

  2. Rock My Plimsoul –  July 4, 1967 (Saturday Club)

  3. Tallyman


    Shapes Of Things – Sept. 17, 1968 – (Top Gear)



    Needless to say, after The Yardbirds there was no looking back.


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  1. dougdenslowe says:

    Well………you really did put the best 12 minutes of the Live at the BBC bootleg.Its really too bad the rest of the “unofficial release” wasn’t as good;sound quality wise.If they,the BBC,hadn’t erased the original tapes,we might have heard the band that should have been “the next big thing”!!This group,without doubt,is my favorite group ever.Oh well……….