Little Feat founder Lowell George and Catch of The Day.

Little Feat In Concert At The Santa Monica Civic – 1973- Past Daily Backstage Weekend

Little Feat founder Lowell George and Catch of The Day.

Little Feat founder Lowell George and Catch of The Day.

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Continuing our look at Iconic Americana, I ran across this concert by the legendary Little Feat, recorded by KMET-FM in Los Angeles on March 20, 1973.

Having been a fan of this group since their early days, I always enjoyed their live gigs equally as much as their studio recordings. Something about playing in front of an audience that loves what you’re doing gives it an extra boost, and this one of those times.

Getting started in the late 1960s and hitting their stride in the early 70s, Little Feat were the epitome (to me) of the straight-ahead, no frills, no pretense of what Rock n’ Roll was all about. Founded by Lowell George, and made up largely of ex-members of The Mothers Of Invention, Little Feat were a cut above a lot of bands at the time. They brought a high level of musical ability and virtuosity to a scene that was undergoing direction changes, and in doing so carved out a niche and created an enduring legacy as the result.

Still around, but with a lot of personnel changes (not to mention the passing of Lowell George years earlier), Little Feat are as much an institution now as they ever were. But it’s a kick to hear them in the early days when they were exploring new territory and we were going along for the ride.

Some things just don’t get old, and never will.

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