Ibrahim Abdullah - "Just too good to be let off lightly".

Ibrahim Abdullah - "Just too good to be let off lightly".
Ibrahim Abdullah – “Just too good to be let off lightly”.

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News for this February 28th in 1987 was about the surprising turn of events in a Paris court, for the trial of terrorist suspect Ibrahim Adbullah. Convinced Abdullah would be given a light sentence, since the Defense argued he was a “little guy” in various bombing plots around Paris and complicity in the murder of American Diplomat Nicholas Ray. But the court surprised everyone by giving Abdullah the maximum; life in prison.

In other news closer to home – The White House announced a new Chief of Staff. Senator Howard Baker was appointed by President Reagan to replace outgoing (read: fired) Chief of Staff Donald Regan. The appointment was met with bi-partisan approval. It capped a tense 48 hours, with the release of The Tower Report on Iran-Contra and an angry outgoing statement from Regan. A sigh of relief was audibly heard on Capitol Hill.

The beach along Jacksonville, was the scene of an 18 mile long oil spill off the coast of Florida from a ruptured Freighter fuel tank. The slick extended some 30 miles up and down the coast, making for the worst oil spill in a decade in the area.

And it was the one year anniversary since the assassination of Swedish Prime Minster Olaf Plame, shot to death on a Stockholm street and tossing the entire country of Sweden into a state of shock and disbelief.

And that’s some of what went on this 28th day of February in 1987, as presented by The CBS World News Roundup.

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