Deke Leonard - One of the prime suspects in the Welsh Connection.

Deke Leonard - One of the prime suspects in the Welsh Connection.
Deke Leonard – One of the prime suspects in the Welsh Connection.

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An example of a somewhat short-lived genre from the early 1970s, one that translated well in the States. PubRock was very big in the UK – it was basic stripped-down/no-frills Rock n’ Roll, concentrating on upbeat numbers that appealed to the Pub audience. Unlike a lot of bars in the U.S., Pubs were larger gathering spots, with the same amount of drinking as their American counterparts, but with the extra added bonus of floor space; not only for dancing but large enough to accomodate a band.

The genre spawned a lot of successful groups during that time. Among them were Help Yourself, Bees Make Honey, Ducks Deluxe and a Welsh outfit; Man who, at various times had Deke Leonard on vocals and guitar.

For this concert, Deke had left Man and formed his own band, Iceberg. He was in the midst of promoting his debut album and those songs are featured prominently in this 30 minute set. Ironically, the second band on the bill (not featured tonight, but will another night) is his former band, Man. Ironically, Deke Leonard would re-join Man a little over a year later, while still balancing his solo career.

Man (and Iceberg) were very popular in the U.S. and toured here often. As huge fans of Quicksilver Messenger Service, they enlisted the services of the great John Cippolina at one point to sit in on some of their tours and eventually record with them.

Sadly, nothing ever lasts and Man dissolved towards the end of the 70s. Deke Leonard re-formed Iceberg frequently over the ensuing years.

But tonight it’s a concert during that halcyon period featuring Deke Leonard’s Iceberg. Recorded by BBC Radio 1 for the In Concert Series on October 27, 1973.

You might want to grab a Guinness or Newcastle Brown and crank this one up. The weekend is coming up rather soon.

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