The Thinking Person's Chucho Valdes.

Chucho Valdes – Live At Theatre du Chatelet – Past Daily Downbeat

The Thinking Person's Chucho Valdes.
The Thinking Person’s Chucho Valdes.

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As much as I like putting posts up for Jazz dates in the deep-deep past, it’s always nice to run across something recorded recently as a way of letting you know the world of Jazz is alive and healthy and happening everywhere.

A few weeks ago I ran a concert featuring Chucho Valdes and his father, the legendary Bebo Valdes on the occasion of a memorial to Bebo, who passed away a few days earlier. Here is Chucho on his own, with a star-studded lineup of guests on hand to sit-in and celebrate the release of his latest album Border-Free, in a full 2 hour concert recorded at Theatre du Chatelet this past May 6th.

Broadcast by the venerable FIP (the Jazz and non-traditional radio outlet of Radio France), the announcements are in French and Spanish. But as always, the music is universal and that needs no translation.

It just needs to be enjoyed.

Afro-Cuban Jazz is alive and well and intoxicating as ever.

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