And with Holland, another domino fell.

A Plea For Peace – But An Invasion Continues – May 15, 1940

And with Holland, another domino fell.

And with Holland, another domino fell.

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With the War in Europe a little less than 8 months old, the German Army were making steady advances westward. The latest country to fall under German occupation was The Netherlands, and on this May 15th in 1940, Queen Wilhelmina delivered an address from her relocated government, set up in London after having successfully evacuated two days earlier.

The news was looking grim. After her address, CBS News Correspondent Elmer Davis gave an assessment of events taking place elsewhere. The German Army was advancing in France, having broken through a weak link in the formerly impregnable Maginot Line. The fighting around Norway was all but over. The Germans were advancing on Belgium. It was wondered just how long France would be able to withstand the Blitzkrieg before finally capitulating. And all the time, the constant fear of an impending invasion of Britain.

A rather nervous day, to put it mildly, as presented by CBS Radio on May 15, 1940.

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  1. JWL says:

    After Germany surrendered and the royal family returned to Holland, Queen Wilhelmia ordered her son to burn all the royal residences that had been occupied by the Germans. He attempted to reason with her, as it would have entailed millions of dollars of property going up in smoke. Ultimately, he refused. She was reportedly furious about his refusal, and never quite forgave him.

    You gotta love a grand old dame like that.

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