The sense of disconnect seemed palpable.

Spiro Speaks – An Interview With vice-President Spiro Agnew – May 17, 1970

The sense  of disconnect seemed palpable.

The sense of disconnect seemed palpable.

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With the disastrous events at Kent and Jackson State and the rising opposition to the War in Southeast Asia and our incursion into Cambodia, the White House desperately needed to shore up some dramatically falling popularity.

So vice-President Spriro Agnew set out to deliver the pep-talk that it really wasn’t as bad as all that, that people really did still believe in the war in Southeast Asia, that we really didn’t understand the implications of our Cambodian escapade and that, really-truly, we were falling for Communist-inspired propaganda from these campus agitators.

Yes, America was wrong and the Nixon White House was right.

And so it went.

Here is that interview, as part of the Profiles program for Metromedia Radio, as broadcast on May 17, 1970.

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