Humble Pie - Head banging as High Art in 1970.

Humble Pie In Concert – 1970 – Past Daily Backstage Weekend

Humble Pie - Head banging as High Art in 1970.

Humble Pie – Head banging as High Art in 1970.

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Some early 70s Headbangers this weekend, via Humble Pie, recorded in concert for the BBC as part of the John Peel Presents series from Sepetember 20, 1970.

It would be hard to say where Humble Pie were more huge – the U.S. or the UK. They were a staple in the diet of every vinyl collector and were played almost non-stop on most of the Underground FM stations at the time. They epitomized the growth of Hard Rock as a genre; the non-stop onslaught of guitars and stage swagger and they symbolized excess, almost as much as Led Zeppelin or The Rolling Stones.

Having formed in 1969 from elements of Small Faces (Steve Marriot), The Herd (Peter Frampton) Greg Ridley (Spooky Tooth), they achieved success almost out of the gate. By 1970 (when this concert was recorded), they had switched labels to A&M, got new management and their fortunes soared.

Frampton would leave a little over a year later and start that part of the legacy. But this 1970 concert captures the band during their halcyon days, with certainly no looking back.

I don’t you need to be reminded to turn this one up . .  .way up.

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