Ray Manzarek (1939-2013) Co-founder and leading Light.

Ray Manzarek (1939-2013) Co-founder and leading Light.
Ray Manzarek (1939-2013) Co-founder and guiding Light.

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Yet another sad passing to report. News today of the passing of Doors co-founder and author Ray Manzarek at 74 from a long bout with Cancer in Germany took a lot of people by surprise, me included. Despite reports coming in confirming his death, there were also reports coming in that Manzarek’s death was a hoax. And I would have been happy to know if it was – there would be no need to post this tribute tonight.

But with more confirmations than denials, the hoaxes turned out to be hoaxes and the sad fact remains the same; Ray Manzarek is no longer with us, at least in the physical.

So as way of tribute, not only to the memory of that remarkably gifted musician and personable human being we had with us for that, in retrospect, short period of time, here is a live session along with an interview both with Manzarek and Jim Morrison for the NET program Critique with Richard Goldstein. It was broadcast on April 29, 1969 over WNET in New York.

We still have the music. We will always have the music.

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1 thought on “A Few Words From Ray Manzarek (RIP – 1939-2013) – Past Daily Pop Chronicles: Tributes

  1. Perhaps it’s because I had just reached that age when the ears begin to devour music and take it to heart, but to this day I believe The Doors have yet to get their just due as the bona fide, great, great band they were
    (and will always remain).

    RIP, R.M.

    (“And all the children are insane” just might be greatest lyric of the entire era).

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