Referred to as a "magical sounding" quartet.

New Russian Quartet Play Music Of Brahms – Live From Moscow – Past Daily Mid-Week Concert

Referred to as a "magical sounding" quartet.

Referred to as a “magical sounding” quartet.

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Over to the Moscow Conservatory Auditorium for a concert by The Russian Quartet along with Alexei Volodin in music of Brahms. It was recorded on May 6th by the venerable Radio Orpheus in Moscow.

Since we’re getting ready for the 180th birthday of Johannes Brahms, more groups are devoting their concerts in celebration of, what’s looking like, a year-long celebration (and Wagner turns 200 . . .lots of milestones this year).

The Rusian Quartet have been praised as everything from Magical to the “best Quartet in Russia”, and their reputation is well-deserved.

So for the next hour or so, you get to hear what the noise is all about.

Here’s what’s on the program tonight (via the Radio Orpheus website with English translation):


“The New Russian Quartet” performs Brahms

May 6 at the Concert Hall of Radio “Orpheus” – the music of Johannes Brahms. Artists: New Russian Quartet and Alexei Volodin (piano). In the program: String Quartets Op. 51 number 1 in C Minor, № 2 in A minor and the Piano Quintet Op.34 in F minor. The concert was held in the Art Festival “Art-November.”

“The New Russian Quartet”

Winners of international competitions

Julia Igonina , first violinist Elena Kharitonov , second violin Michael Rudoy , viola Alex Steblev , cello.

According to the Italian press, their playing is “magical”. I would go along with that.

And for a mid-week Anti-Road Rage Wednesday, that seems a pretty apt assessment.

BTW: Announcements are in Russian and there was a lengthy interview with first Violinist Julia Igonina which I removed for time considerations.




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