A palpable sense the show would be over soon.

An LBJ Press Conference – May 30, 1968

A palpable sense the show would be over soon.

A palpable sense the show would be over soon.

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A Presidential Press Conference for this May 30th in 1968. President Johnson, mindful of his declaration in not seeking another term for the 1968 elections, was still confronted with the seemingly endless war in Vietnam. Joining him in this press conference were Gen.Westmoreland, who gave an assessment of what he thought was going on in Vietnam since the last Press Conference (and knowing now that the numbers of dead/wounded were inflated/deflated now make those assessments ironic) and Australian Prime Minister John Gordon who was paying a visit to the White House for a meeting regarding the situation in Vietnam.

The press conference was held at the Johnson Ranch in Texas and, after some preliminaries, the subject turned to Vietnam.

You get a sense Johnson was relieved to be dropping the White House burden at the end of the  year. Vietnam became his nadir.

As it did for just about everyone else.

Here is that news conference in full, as broadcast by NBC Radio on May 30, 1968.

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3 Responses

  1. Eric Sawyer says:

    You pages are brilliant! T h a n k s

    • gordonskene says:

      Oh no, thank YOU! It’s always a pleasure to get good feedback. I often operate in a vacuum, so it’s hard to know if anything registers. I’ll be here as long as you’re here! Thanks again – Gordon

  2. JWL says:

    Johnson lacked.. a certain courage? A degree of courage? Courage, period?

    The man and the moment met, and LBJ ramrodded through congress Civil Rights legislation long overdue, and to his immortal credit.

    And that was courageous.

    But he did not, for whatever reason, command the armed forces of the United States with the same caliber wisdom. He permitted the arrogant military fools of that generation, and their reactionary allies in congress, to buffalo him into disaster. For all the good he indisputably did, it can be fairly said that he lacked balls.

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