Lauren Maybury of Chvrches - Figuring prominently on a veritable who's who of "best-of" lists.

Chvrches – Live In Munich – Nights At The Roundtable: Mini-Concert Edition

Lauren Maybury of Chvrches - Figuring prominently on  a veritable who's who of "best-of" lists.

Lauren Mayberry of Chvrches – Figuring prominently on a veritable who’s who of “best-of” lists.

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In case you haven’t noticed, Scottish electro-pop raves Chvrches (pronounced Churches if you were wondering) are currently embarking on a North American tour which began in May and goes until the end of June, when they head back to Europe and keep the ball rolling at least until October. A lot of festival appearances are booked, so it should be a good year for them.

Very busy band. Very busy new band. Chvrches have only been around since 2011 and only started making waves last year when they managed to get on most of the “best of” lists around Europe and became one of the main bands to watch in the coming year.

Tonight its one of their German “introducing” gigs from early in May. I’m not sure of the venue but am guessing it’s Munich, although it might be Berlin – as the date didn’t show up on their site’s itinerary, but Munich, Frankfurt and Berlin are all in there someplace. So . . .

Check them out if you haven’t seen them yet. They should be heading east this week. After that it’s back to Europe for, what looks like, the rest of the year.


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2 Responses

  1. Just happen to stumble upon your Chvrches feature here. Great to see how far they have come along in such a short amount of time. As fans of Chvrches we are extremely excited to hear their next album which is being worked on now.

    • gordonskene says:

      It’s always great to hear a band from the start – believe in them from the start and watch them blossom before your eyes. It’s what makes music exciting. Thanks so much for the kind words – and yes, I’m looking forward to the new album too – and hopefully a tour to coincide.