The Cello Sonata would be one of his last.

Roger Albin And Claude Helffer Play Music Of Debussy – 1955 – Past Daily Weekend Gramophone

The Cello Sonata would be one of his last.

The Cello Sonata would be one of his last.

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Back to French Radio transcriptions again this week. This time featuring something familiar played by two highly regarded artists of the 1950s – Roger Albin, cello and Claude Helffer, piano.

They play the Debussy Sonata for Cello and Piano, as recorded in a radio session for ORTF in Paris, circa 1955.

Both Albin and Helffer are popular in collectors circles – whether this particular performance has been reissued is anyone’s guess. I suspect not, as so much of this French Radio material hasn’t been issued in any form.


In any event – a fitting end to the weekend. Enjoy.


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