A goodly amount of elation mixed with relief.

Gen. Eisenhower – Address To Congress – June 18, 1945

A goodly amount of elation mixed with relief.

A goodly amount of elation mixed with relief.

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With the War in Europe over for a little over a month, and the War in the Pacific still two months off, it was a time for cautious celebration. General Eisenhower, who oversaw military operations for the European campaign returned home to a hero’s welcome.

On this day in 1945, General Eisenhower was invited to address a joint session of Congress to give his assessment of the war and the war effort in bringing victory to the allied forces and defeating Nazi Germany.

Here is General Eisenhower’s address to Congress from June 18, 1945, complete with a breathless reporter’s introduction.

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2 Responses

  1. …Ike. The Man Who Kicked Nazi Ass…

  2. All Americans now have opportunity to embrace Eisenhower’s honor—support completion of the Eisenhower Memorial, Washington, D.C.