George Shearing - complete with Strings.

George Shearing – Live At The Hollywood Bowl – 1961 – Past Daily Downbeat

George Shearing - complete with Strings.

George Shearing – complete with Strings.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – then click Save As to download: George Shearing – LIve At The Hollywood Bowl – Boys Club Benefit 1961

Part of a longer concert featuring a wide range of talent as part of a Boys Club benefit in 1961 (the same benefit the Bob Newhart clip came from a few weeks ago), George Shearing offered up a short but really lovely set to coincide with his newly released  Velvet Carpet album for Capitol, featuring the Quintet and Strings.

Enjoy and hit “repeat” often. This is another concert that’s never been heard before and long thought lost. You’re hearing it here first.

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