Squeeze - The effortless ease into Post-Punk.

Squeeze – Live At Oxford Polytechnic – 1981 – Nights At The Roundtable: Mini-Concert Edition

Squeeze - The effortless ease into Post-Punk.

Squeeze – The effortless ease into Post-Punk.

Click on the link here for Audio Player: Squeeze – live at Oxford Polytechnic – 1981 – BBC 6 Music

70s/80s favorites Squeeze tonight, in concert at Oxford Polytechnic in 1981. One of those bands that started off in Punk and drifted into the Post-Punk direction in the late 70s. Always a band that had great songs to offer, with some of the best lyrics to be heard in quite a long time.

In this concert, they do some of their earlier material, including songs from the East Side Story album which had been released the year of this concert.

If you’re familiar with Squeeze, and are a fan, you will no doubt remember most of the tracks played here.

You may want to consider this concert a sing-along.

Well . . . .it is Friday night and all.

They’re currently on tour, primarily in the UK – if  you’re in the neighborhood where they’re playing, you might to check them out.

In any event, crank up and get ready for the Weekend.


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