We're only slightly underwater - but still . . . .

We're only slightly underwater - but still . . . .
We’re only slightly underwater – but still . . . .

As you probably may know by now, Past Daily is a few days away from finishing up its Summer Fundraiser. Thankfully, we don’t do this all the time. But when we do it’s because there are bills to pay and obligations to meet. This site takes an inordinate amount of work every day in order to look effortless. The collection, where almost all of the material you listen to on this site comes from, is an expensive one to maintain. We’re still in the midst of digitizing everything and maintaining the collection to its highest possible standard (climate controls etc.). We can’t do it without your support. We’re not asking for much, in fact we’re only asking if you can afford it to give what you can. No obligations, but a lot of heartfelt gratitude for anything you would care to give.

History is expensive to keep – but losing it is tragic. And it is fragile. I can’t do it alone and I need your help.

My deepest thanks and gratitude to all of you who have donated so far. I’m around because you’re around, and I’ll keep doing Past Daily as long as you’re here to read it, listen to it and check it out.

So if you could – please give whatever amount you feel comfortable with via my Fundrazr site – just click on the link here:  Past Daily Summer Fundraiser – and it will quietly and anonymously take whatever donation you care to give via a secure payment.

I can’t thank you enough for all your kind generosity and support.

Gordon Skene – Past Daily

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