"Have I got a a deal for you".

"Have I got a a deal for you".
“Have I got a deal for you”.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – CBS Radio – The Washington Week – August 16, 1975 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

The new overused word on Capitol Hill, this August week in 1975 was Shuttle Diplomacy. And the Man of The Hour for mileage spent hurtling back and forth between warring parties was Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

And this particular week in 1975 was about the never-ending saga of The Middle East. Expectations were high, even though publicly there was no committal, for agreement on a U.S. – sponsored withdrawal of Israeli troops in the Sinai. Having gone through  several of these attempts at agreements, talks were purposely low-key and official comments were vague, but speculation and observations were optimistic.

Elsewhere on Capitol Hill, President Ford was voicing frustration that the latest rash of CIA investigations was putting  a damper on attempts to help the moderates in Portugal. And once again, Henry Kissinger offered tacit support of the moderates by dangling the old Cold-War “Influence from Moscow” warning over Portuguese heads. Ironically, Kissinger had also finished an appearance earlier in the week before the Senate Intelligence Committee hearings on the assassination of Chilean President Salvadore Allende. Naturally, he denied any U.S. role in the coup and assassination. And chances to get former President Nixon to testify over the possible U.S. role in the Chilean overthrow were slim to none.

Social Services were under attack again – this time from Treasury Secretary William Simon, who charged the Food Stamp program was a haven for chiselers and rip-off artists. And at the same time, the Social Security Administration admitted to a $403 million overpayment of benefits. Officials cited the error was the result of the takeover of payments by the Federal Government from State Governments, but also admitted that money wouldn’t be recovered.

Meanwhile, The White House went to Veil Colorado to play Golf.

And that’s what went on in the ever-skewed life of Planet Earth for August 16, 1975 as reported by CBS News and Washington Week.

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